Pocket change for a shopping spree was at the top of 12-year-old Kaitlyn Tiller’s Christmas list. Her passion from a young age has been her closet.

“I would take the money, go out and buy cute pajamas and little presents,” says Tiller.

But the new goods weren’t for her.

“I can remember the first time my school had casual Friday,” says Tiller. She grew up attending a private school, and casual Friday was the highly anticipated school day free from uniforms.

“My mom let me pick out an outfit from Forever 21. I wore cheetah print leggings and a purple sweater with a matching cheetah barrette,” says Tiller.

Walking down the halls, one perfectly coordinated shoe after the other, she felt radiant. Beaming with confidence, her enthusiasm for fashion only grew.

From this experience, however, a deeper passion was ignited.

Kaitlyn couldn’t help but think of all the girls who would never get a chance to feel such confidence. “ I have a really big heart for young girls,” says Tiller, “I told my dad that one day I would have a store to help them.”

So from the mind of an eighth grader, an idea for a boutique that caters to underprivileged girls was shaped.

“In the store, I want there to be a room where girls who can’t afford a nice wardrobe can come in and get their clothes for free,” says Tiller.

Obviously, there are many logistics to be worked out. But she explains that the store will eventually be a non-profit. So, any profit that would be made from the clothes will go solely to buying items that these girls can get for free.

And the quality of these clothes won’t be compromised. Tiller makes clear that she wants the girls to have quality clothes that they would be thrilled to wear on the first day of school, just like she was as a little girl.

Kaitlyn is not only the brains behind this whole idea, but also designs the products herself and will use her personal photography business for any shots needed on the site.

For now, the store will have its debut online. Tiller has plans to launch the site as soon as her first shirt and sweatshirt designs come in.

Kalon is the company name, the Greek word meaning inner beauty.

The name is more than fitting for this future company. For it is true inner beauty to take ones gifts and use them for something bigger than us. The heart and soul behind this is that our gifts are God-given and therefore to be used for His kingdom.

“The whole goal is to show these girls that when the whole world rejects you, your heavenly Father accepts you, chooses you and loves you,” says Tiller.

Her hope is to create a community with these girls and become a part of their lives through movie nights and other various events.

Kaitlyn Tiller has leveraged her passions in a way that will equip others and most importantly, glorify the name of Jesus. Though only in the beginning stages, her vision, compassion and impeccable sense for style predict great success.

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