Healthy Finds in Auburn, AL

Let’s talk food. And I don’t mean hot dogs, fried Oreos and decadent doughnut flavors. Those things have their place. But when it comes down to it, people want to know what they can eat in Auburn on a daily basis that will leave them ready to take on the day without skimping on flavor.

Students at Auburn tend to complain about the food choices. But living in Auburn for the past 21 years has given me quite a different perspective. Just a few years ago there wasn’t a trendy coffee shop in sight. Authentic spring rolls? Nope. Decadent granola crusted French toast? Try again.

Auburn has really taken a turn for the better in the world of food. With the increasing population growth, the restaurant industry had to keep up.

“Auburn…. has been adding hundreds and even thousands of people with each passing year to now reach 62,000 residents. That’s up from 53,000 just five years ago”, writes Challen Stephens from

So… here it is! A local health nut’s guide to five dishes you HAVE to try in Auburn, AL.

Ross House Coffee – Baked Oatmeal

OK, raise your hand if you picture a beige bowl of mush when you hear the word oatmeal. The stuff gets a bad rap, but this baked oatmeal from Ross House is the opposite of boring. Baked fresh from the coffee house, it starts in a big rectangle, then gets a bath of creamy steamed milk of your choice. Say “everything on it” when you order for dried cranberries, toasted pecans and loads of fresh blueberries topping your bowl. And they’ll even put it in a to-go coffee cup if you’re on the run!

The Hound – Veggie Burger

I am not a vegetarian by any means. So, don’t ask me what I was thinking when I ordered this burger. In the past, I have found veggie burgers to be lackluster and unappealing. But after ordering this burger on a whim, I was blown away at how delicious it was. It’s a sensational blend made mostly from quinoa, beets and mushrooms. The wonderful earthy flavor and the melted Swiss cheese gives it a hearty feel. I didn’t miss the meat one bit!

Plains to Plate – Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Sandwich

This restaurant on Auburn University’s campus is known for thier locally grown products and completely gluten free menu. But P2P has another advantage up their sleeve, these people know breakfast. If there’s one combination that I can’t live without it’s bananas and peanut butter. The sweet and salty duo is unparalleled on its own, but smash them between two thick and crispy whole grain waffles, and something special happens. The warmth from the waffles completely transforms the flavor of the bananas and makes the peanut butter all melty and smooth. Good morning is right!

Pho Lee – Chicken Spring Rolls

When I heard that Pho Lee served healthy Vietnamese dishes, I went to try it as soon as I could! My go-to here has been the chicken spring rolls from day one. This traditional roll wrapped in rice paper is filled with egg noodles, fresh veggies and chicken that has a nutty, warm curry flavor. The rolls come with either an amazing peanut sauce or a sweet and spicy red sauce. (Or both if you’re indecisive like me).

Amsterdam Cafe – Crab cake Avocado Sandwich

Now, this one might push the envelope by stamping it as healthy. But, hey, there’s a little green somewhere in there, right? This crab cake avocado sandwich, named one of the 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die, is worth every bite. Sandwiched between a buttery croissant is a flaky and tender crab cake bursting with flavor. Accompanying the crab is avocado, creole remoulade and mango Pico de Gallo. The sandwich is served with one side item – I’d go for the sweet potato chips!

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