The Perfect Friendsgiving: Tips for Success

Friendsgiving is every holiday guru’s dream. Adding one more gathering to the plethora of parties to attend during the holiday season? I’m in! Even though Friendsgiving has been around since Monica stuck the turkey on her head in the show Friends, the trend has taken off in the last few years. If just the thought of it has you itching to throw your own Friendsgiving but you’re not sure where to start, look no further!

There’s one word that can take your Friendsgiving from hectic to foot-loose and fancy free. Potluck. Regardless of your well-intended determination and infatuation with control, I promise, it’s called FRIENDSgiving for a reason.

A good Friendsgiving is one where everyone gives a little along the way. One great way to stay organized and let your guests know what they can do is to use the app goHappy: Group plans & sharing. This app allows you to send invitations, let your guests RSVP and provide a list of food to bring. Here’s a little timeline to keep you on track:

· Two weeks out: send invites

· One week out: nail down who can come, and who’s bringing what

· A few days out:  grocery run and food prep

· The day before: decorate and clean your house/apartment

· The day of: cook anything that needs to be served warm, smile and party on!

Now that the technical side is out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff: decorations and food!

In terms of decorations, simple is always best.You want the food to be the star of the show, so your decorations should complement the dishes, not over power them.

The produce area of the grocery store is a goldmine for table decor.

Keep your table light and airy by decorating with simple greenery and beautiful fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Consider making your décor interactive. Butcher paper is my go-to for this. Last year, when my position as event coordinator for my sorority came to a close, the last big event I planned was a Friendsgiving. I created a “What are you Thankful for” wall that everyone could write on while they stood in the food line.

And don’t throw out those random odds and ends after you cut your butcher paper. Use the leftovers as a table runner or customized place mats!

When deciding what to make for your guests, pick what gets you excited! And remember, we’re going with potluck style here. If you’re anything like me you have a list a mile long of recipes you want to try. But trust me, just pick two or three recipes, do them well, and be done.

To wrap up, these tips are truly priceless, but this isn’t about being the perfect host. At the end of the day, there is just something special about opening your home and serving those you love. So, if the turkey is dry, just spoon on a little extra gravy, count your blessings and give the warmest welcome you can to everyone who walks in your door.

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