True40: A Local Fitness Studio’s Success

It’s no secret that True40 has created a buzz of loyal members since they opened their first location in Auburn, AL almost two years ago. But what is it that has made the fitness chain so wildly successful?

The many aspects of True40 can be summed up in three words.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

True40 not only embodies strength and fitness, but strives to instill mental health by building community and a positive body-image.

Events and perks for members, passionate employees and a workout designed to build strength while protecting joints has classes full and people asking for more and more of True40. With their new Birmingham location and studio in Tuscaloosa on the way, this new workout chain is only going up from here.

The Workout

These high-intensity, low-impact classes include aerobics, barre, TRX, Pilates and yoga. This unique combination was specially designed by owner and founder Allie Weingarten. “I wanted to hit each muscle group equally,” says Weingarten, “and make sure the class flowed the way your body is supposed to in an exercise.” Weingarten created the workout to mirror the vinyasa flow, which is practiced in yoga. Vinyasa can be described as, “arranging something in a special way”. It is not an actual posture, but means to seamlessly and safely progress from one position to the next while matching your breath with every movement. In a similar fashion, True40 classes are specifically intended for smooth transitions between sections in a way that feels natural to the body. Safety was also a priority for Weingarten when creating this workout. That is why a True40 workout is comparable to what one would do in physical therapy. Even down to the way you stretch, beginning with large range dynamic movements to heat up the body then working in static stretches once the muscles are warm.

The Community

While her sore quads from yesterday’s class are proof that the companies saying, “Shake. Sweat. Burn.” is no joke, member Annie Hamm explains that there is another bonus to being a member at True40.

“The community I have at True40 is something that I never knew could exist in a gym type atmosphere.”

Everyone craves like-mindedness, which is why Weingarten has built the company to be relationship oriented through offering childcare, participating in local events and having fun themed classes and monthly challenges for members. Bro-vember, The Sorority Challenge and classes with holiday themed playlists have cultivated an environment of excitement where members can grow, improve and have fun together. “Group fitness is a great way to encourage people and we’ve seen a lot of friendships form here!”, says Auburn studio manager Kristen Taylor, “We’ve created an atmosphere that is welcoming and free of judgement which motivates people even more.”

The Mission

Pursuing fitness can be intimidating. The process is often emotionally draining when people feel like they aren’t seeing results. And while your body will see positive changes by committing to attending classes, True40 promotes being the best version of yourself rather than striving to look like someone else. “We want our members to love the body they are in and get excited when they see their own personal improvements along the way,” says Weingarten. The 60-minutes classes at True40 are often a member’s one bit of “me time” in their day. “It is so special to get to play a role in that,” says Weingarten, “There is nothing like seeing how refreshed and accomplished members feel after a class.”

True40 stands out for many reasons, but one of the most significant is the foundation that it was built on. The “40” in the name comes from Isaiah 40:31 in the Bible.

“…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

It’s possible so many are drawn to True40 because in a world that says, “try harder and be better,” True40 says, “Come as you are and join us on a journey to be our best selves.”

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